It is important that you be aware of the Statutory Laws concerning the terms and relationships that your company maintains with it’s employees. The Statutory Compliance in HR refers to the established legal frameworks with several clauses and sub-clauses for all businesses. It is imperative for you to adhere to these compliance parameters immaterial of the size of your business to save yourself from any legal issues.

Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance infrastructure

The task of Statutory HR Compliance is usually looked after by a dedicated Human Resource Department that has people having deep knowledge about the local labour laws. Apart from the trained people, there is also the need of a good material infrastructure like space, machines and software that will be dedicated to managing the employee details, payrolls, leave status and much more.

Avoiding Statutory Compliance burden

Setting up and maintaining such a team with the necessary support system calls for large investment that has to be continually renewed. For small and medium-sized businesses, such investments turn out to be a considerable burden. It is however, possible to both ensure all Statutory Compliance in HR and also save your resources by outsourcing the job to a leading name competent in the task.

Look4Expert competent in Statutory Compliance

There are scores of labour laws and their compliances that the Indian companies of different sizes have to abide by. Professionals at Look4Expert have the knowledge about the statutory requirements of the minimum wages of skilled and unskilled labourers and the benefits that they should be entitled to. Calculating overtime wages, making PF deductions and maintaining the ESI laws are other features that these experts manage on the latest platforms for exact compliance.

Get complete Statutory Compliance

A crucial area that the Look4Expert HR department deals with is the calculation and deduction of the taxes like the TDS and the Professional Tax that is sure to have a great implication on both the employer and the employee.  Maternity benefits, bonus calculations and other labour regulations are carefully managed by the Look4Expert on behalf of companies. This will give you ample time and free resources to concentrate on your mainstream business.

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