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Limited Liability Partnership

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008 provides a simple yet secure way of conducting micro and small business closely-held by partners or family members. The objective is to provide the combined advantages of the Private Limited Company and the Partnership Firm.


Book a free consultation with Look4Expert for the LLP registration in Bangalore that has these distinct advantages:

  • LLP is the ideal solution for Start-ups and Small Businesses as turnovers less than 40 Lakhs and capital contributions of less than 25 Lakhs does not require an audit.

  • A LLP is a juristic person and thus is a separate entity. It is vested with a range of legal capacities and can own properties and incur debts. The partners have no right on the property so long the LLP is in business.

  • The Limited Liabilities of the Partners ensure that they do not to shoulder the debts of the LLP much like the Private and Public Limited Companies.

  • The partners of the LLP have the right to carry out the day-to-day operations of the organization unlike in the Public Limited Companies where the shareholders have no say about the daily workings of the company.

  • The transfer of ownership is an easy process that is done by incorporating new partners in the LLP. Changing the partners in an LLP then about change in ownership.

  • The existence of the company continues uninterrupted immaterial of the death or departure of the Partners.

As the premier online business services provider, Look4Expert initiates and completes the LLP Company Registration in Bangalore in at low costs and in limited time (15 to 20 days subject to the replies from the ROC).

Our LLP Registration Online package includes:

  • Generating 2 Digital Signatures (DSCs) and Designated PINs for the proposed partners (to be registered with the MCS) in 5 to 7 days.

  • We generate the LLP PAN & TAN by sending the request to the NDSL.

  • We will complete the Name Registration process of your LLP and also help pick the available name (minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 names have to be submitted to the MCA).

  • As a part of the LLP Online Registration process we will hand you the .com domain for 1 year.

  • We will carefully draft your Start-up Company’s Constitution.


To be submitted by Partners

  • Scanned copy of PAN Card or Passport (Foreign Nationals & NRIs)

  • Scanned copy of Voter's ID/Passport/Driver's License

  • Scanned copy of Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill

  • Scanned passport-sized photograph

  • Specimen signature (blank document with signature [partners only])

Note: Any one of the partners must self-attest the first three documents. In case of foreign nationals and NRIs, all the documents must be notarised (if currently in India or a non-Commonwealth country) or apostilled (if in a Commonwealth country).

For the Registered Office

  • Scanned copy of Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill

  • Scanned copy of Notarised Rental Agreement in English

  • Scanned copy of No-objection Certificate from property owner

  • Scanned copy of Sale Deed/Property Deed in English (in case of owned property)

Note: Your registered office need not be a commercial space; it can be your residence, too.