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Partnership is one of the most popular options among Start-ups, Small and Medium-sized Businesses. It requires a minimum number of 2 people to begin the business for earning profits and prevalent mostly in the unorganized sector.
Partnership can be registered and non-registered but Partnership Registration helps the businesses enjoy a range of legal benefits that the unregistered firms do not get.
Look4Expert has been helping Start-ups and Small Businesses with the online registration of partnership firm to give them the edge over their competitors.



Know about the advantages of starting a Partnership business and see how you can benefit:

  • It is one of the easiest ways of starting a business with the least of legal formalities.

  • Unlike in the Limited Liabilities Companies appointment of an auditor is not necessary.

  • The Partners themselves are responsible for carrying out the daily duties and responsibilities of the business.

  • The Partners are the sole owners of the business and are responsible for the assets and properties that are used for the business.

  • As there can be a maximum number of 20 Partners in the business (provided it is not a banking business where the maximum number of Partners can be 10), there is the possibility of pooling in more cash and other resources for the business.

Why You Should Register The Partnership Firm

  • In the case of disagreements among the Partners, when one Partner wishes to sue another, it is necessary that the Firm be registered.

  • For the Firm as an entity to bring to court a case against a defaulter or any other business issues, it is essential that it be registered.

  • In the case of large Partnership Firms, it is always recommended that the Partnership Deed be registered for all future references and clarifications.

You only have to ask Look4Experts How to Register Partnership Firm In India, and we will carry out the entire process on your behalf.

We follow these easy steps for the Partnership Firm Registration Online in India with the Registrar of Firms that incurs minimal costs:

  • We help you choose the Partnership Firm Name.

  • Look4Expert professionals understand your business and carefully draft the Partnership Deed/Agreement.

  • Obtain the PAN & TAN for the Firm.

  • Help open a Current Bank Account for the Partnership Firm.