Payroll Processing Services

We do take care of

  1. 1
    Core HR Activity
    • Salary Structuring
    • Offer Letter / Confirmation Letter / Increment Letters
    • Exit Interview Format
    • Leave Policy / Travel Policy
    • Telephone/Cell Phone Policy
    • Employee Hand Book
  2. 2
    Payroll Processing
    • Payroll register
    • Payslip Generation
    • Reports- PF;ESI;PT CTC Salary Sheet, TDS details
    • Employee Tax investment Declaration details input
    • Employee Tax Computation
  3. 3
    Payroll Compliance
    • Statutory Compliance Reports: PT, PF & ESI
    • Monthly Returns filing- PT,PF,ESI
    • Employee From 16 Generation
    • JV Output for Accounts
    • TDS -24Q filing Quarterly

Look4Expert And Get The Precise Payroll Processing Services In Bangalore

Employing the third-party payroll processing services in Bangalore is fast becoming the preferred mode of maintaining office records for organizations of varying sizes carrying out different business activities. From the very inception of your company, it is desirable that it complies with the precise legal stipulations of maintaining the records of the employees, the pay that they draw and the leaves that they avail. There are also definitive structures that have to be followed for each of these documents.

Let the expert takeover

Though tedious official jobs, these are crucial records and also have a great impact on the tax returns of your company and those of your employees. It calls for expertise in the area and professionals having the precise knowledge are hard to come by. Hiring one of the premier payroll outsourcing companies in India such as Look4Expert that comprises of a team of qualified professionals is beneficial is several ways. Not only do we help in taking away your worries of having to deal with the office job, but we also maintain the records in compliance with the government stipulations.

Benefits small and medium-sized businesses

Look4Expert is a company that has been providing the payroll services for small business for some time now, helping start-ups and entrepreneurs with the strong documentation support that they need. Small businesses usually find it difficult to maintain specialized staff to carry out the job of payroll processing due to the meager turnaround. Moreover, the workload is likely to increase seasonally making it difficult to cope with the exact nature of the job. The best solution is to look up the list of payroll companies in India where you are sure to find us in the top spot.

Precise documentation, quick turnaround

Within a year of extending the services to all kinds of businesses, Look4Expert has become a frontline company providing top payroll processing services in Bangalore. The precise nature of the record keeping and the file maintenance that we carry out with a quick turnaround has made us a sought after team by all-sized business houses. We help channelize your resources to increasing the business instead of having to worry about payroll processing. Outsourcing the job to us ensures that you have the precise document in hand as and when you need them – in time.

Helping startups in particular

One of the major sectors that we have been working with is that of the startups that are in need of more help with documentation than others. Apart from helping with the initial setup process, we also provide the end-to-end startup payroll services to such organizations. Maintaining the records and the administrative details of the employees correctly from the very inception of the company will go a long way in easing the statutory compliance mandates. Our expertise can help you get along with just the procedure that your startup is expected to follow.


  1. Trusted Partner

    Look4Expert is trusted and favored specialist organization for Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. In the event that you don’t have what it takes, assets or mastery to keep up money related records for your association, consider outsourcing your bookkeeping administrations to us. Our master group will deal with your bookkeeping and expense readiness forms. Get the Look4Expert favorable position of an expert bookkeeping back office, where all your set-up, support, upkeep and consultancy capacities are dealt with, at a low working expense!

  2. Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

    Look4Expert conveys the most exhaustive, creative, and savvy accounting and bookkeeping service administrations for your business with the assistance of a persuaded group of prepared accounting managers and highly skilled accounts professionals.

  3. Quality and Consitstency

    Look4Expert’s financial accounting services are in the same class as utilizing a full group of prepared in-house financial accounting service experts without really procuring them. They set aside opportunity to comprehend exact bookkeeping services needs of your business, and plan craved systems to consistently deal with all your financial accounting needs.

  4. We minimize your overhead cost

    Our administration brilliance guarantees that your business picks up an edge as far as minimizing cost overheads, expanding efficiency of your core team, and in particular unburdening you from all the finance handling processes.

Activities covered on Payroll Processing Services

  1. Core HR Activity
    1. Salary Structuring
    2. Offer Letter / Confirmation Letter / Increment Letters
    3. Exit Interview Format
    4. Leave Policy / Travel Policy
    5. Telephone/Cell Phone Policy
    6. Employee Hand Book
  2. Payroll Processing
    1. Payroll register
    2. Payslip Generation
    3. Reports- PF;ESI;PT CTC Salary Sheet, TDS details
    4. Employee Tax investment Declaration details input
    5. Employee Tax Computation
  3. Payroll Compliance
    1. Statutory Compliance Reports: PT, PF & ESI
    2. Monthly Returns filing- PT,PF,ESI
    3. Employee From 16 Generation
    4. JV Output for Accounts
    5. TDS -24Q filing Quarterly