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A Public Limited Company

A PLC or a Public Limited Company needs a minimum number of 7 people for it’s formation with no upper limit on the number of members. A PLC Company in India should have a minimum number of 3 Directors that have to be registered with the MCA.



Following are the benefits of Public Limited Company business that Look4Expert lists for you:

  • Much like the Private Limited Company, the liabilities of the members of any registered Public Limited Company in Bangalore are limited to the shares that they hold. This limits the debt of the individual shareholders.

  • The PLC can raise large amount of funds to invest in the business by raising it from the Public. It’s borrowing capacity for the business is further expanded as banks and other financial institutions more readily give financial assistance to such enterprises.

  • There is more transparency and stringent regulatory requirements in any given PLC. However, the transfer of the shares is an easy process and does not require the giving of prior notice to the company. Look4Expert can negotiate the process on behalf of the shareholders competently.

  • A PLC is a juristic person that has to be registered under the Company’s Act and has an independent existence and continuation. The death of one or more members does not affect it’s existence and it can continue to operate smoothly for generations unless the company is dissolved legally.

  • It also has a wide range of legal abilities and can also own properties on which no individual shareholder or member can lay claims. It can also incur debts without affecting any individual shareholder.

  • The individual shareholders of any PLC do not have the right to regulate the day-to-day running of the company that is exclusively entrusted to the Board of Directors that take all major decisions by the majority rule.

Look4Expert can complete the incorporation process of a public limited company in India in 14 to 20 days that is subject to the ROC processing time.

The process of Public Limited Company registration carried out by us includes:

  • Obtaining the DSC, DIN for the proposed directors in 5 to 7 days.

  • Approval of Name in 5 to 7 days. We shall assist you in submitting a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 proposed names as per the MCA stipulations.

  • Competent services by the Look4Expert team with money back guarantee.